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Time For God Pet Service 11 September 2016

Time For God Pet Service

Took Place Sunday 11th September 2016 10.30am

Normally I go for a long walk on a Sunday morning, but this Sunday my owner took me to St Peter’s Church! I met other dogs plus two cats (they were in baskets - shame!) I also met some songbirds in a cage which were very chatty, but I didn’t really understand what they were saying! We listened to the people singing and the Vicar talking about the importance of pets to humans and the way they help many people come to terms with difficult circumstances in their lives. There were lots of things for the humans to do. The little ones had their faces painted expertly - a few of them looked like me! I had treats out in the sunshine while the humans had their drink and cake. Some were wearing the tee shirts that they had decorated earlier - it was great fun and all of us dogs were told there might be another one next year!

I understand there is another Time For God Service on 9th October, I’m not invited … but all the rest of the family are! I heard the Vicar saying it’s going to be about God’s Amazing Love for everyone, with lots of activities and cake again!

Rover - Special Correspondent for Ad Vincula

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