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Pentecost Sunday - Launch of Diocesan Strategy

On Pentecost Sunday (24 May 2015) evening the folk from St. Peters joined many across the Diocese of Chichester to mark the launch of the Diocesan strategy. We enjoyed a really good Barbecue that followed a time of worship in the Church, looking at some new songs of worship, and learning to increase our repertoire of contemporary music. To mark the occasion we released 100 red and orange balloons, representing the flame of the Holy Spirit that came upon the Apostles on the first Pentecost.

The process of renewal that the Diocese is seeking focuses around three areas:

  • Firstly a challenge to increase the number of those who worship in our Churches by offering different and imaginative ways of doing 'church'.
  • New ways of adapting to the change in our Society and Culture by the way we reimagine 'Ministry'.
  • Thirdly to ensure we continue to explore ways of working with others to seek the common good, that benefits all in our communities.

The evening drew to a close with the lighting of a beacon outside the Church representing a symbol and sign of our continued trust that the Holy Spirit will guide and direct us.

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